Managed IT Services

Are you intentionally being misled by your Managed IT Services Provider regarding fixed costs and pricing structures, causing potential financial harm to your business?

You’ve got to start with the customer experience and work back toward the technology.
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Proactive Support and Security

Highlight ongoing IT monitoring and robust security protocols that prevent disruptions and protect data, ensuring reliability and compliance.

Fixed Cost Advantage

Emphasise fixed pricing for easy budgeting and cost control, offering predictability and full access to essential IT services.

Full-Service Expertise

Offer a wide range of IT services, emphasising one-stop convenience and expert management that lets businesses concentrate on their core operations.

Our Managed Services Solutions

Explore our comprehensive Managed IT Services tailored to enhance operational reliability and streamline your technology infrastructure. Socoro Digital equips businesses of all scales with expert support and innovative solutions, ensuring seamless operations and optimised performance across all your IT needs.

Support Services

Round-the-clock support services to address IT-related queries and issues, ensuring minimal downtime and continuous operation.

Cybersecurity Services

Robust security measures, including threat detection, virus protection, and proactive risk management to protect against cyber threats.

Cloud Services Management

Management and optimisation of cloud resources, including cloud migrations, hosting, and application management.

Network Security Management

Comprehensive oversight of network operations, including monitoring, maintenance, and optimisation to ensure connectivity and performance.

Data Backup and Recovery

Regular data backups and efficient recovery solutions to safeguard business information and ensure continuity in the event of data loss.

Hardware and Software Management

Procurement, installation, and management of hardware and software, keeping systems up-to-date and running smoothly.

Communications Services

Setup and management of business communication systems such as VoIP, email services, and unified communications solutions.

IT Compliance and Audits

Ensuring that IT systems comply with relevant laws and industry standards, including regular audits and updates to compliance policies.

IT Strategy and Consulting

Strategic guidance to align technology with business goals, including IT planning, technology roadmaps, and consultation on digital transformation initiatives.

Fixed Cost Advantage: Uninterrupted Efficiency

With our One Cost Model, we prioritise creating a robust IT environment that minimises downtime to nearly zero. This model not only aligns our goals with yours but also ensures that any potential IT issues are resolved swiftly and effectively at no additional cost to you. Our commitment to maintaining your systems without unforeseen expenses means we are incentivised to keep your operations running smoothly at all times. Experience unparalleled IT support where our investment in preventing problems directly enhances your business continuity and productivity. Arrange an appointment today to discover how our fixed cost approach can transform your IT management.


Fixed Cost Efficiency: Unlock True Business Potential

Do you find yourself frequently battling IT issues and wasting time with ineffective tech support? Unlike typical Managed IT Service Providers who may benefit from recurring problems that drive up your costs and frustrations, our One Cost Model is structured to break this cycle of inefficiency. At Socoro Digital, we have zero hidden fees and are fundamentally incentivised to prevent problems rather than profit from them. Our solutions are designed for stability, expansion, and longevity, reducing our time spent on issues and thus, saving you money.

Moreover, we exceed industry standards by efficiently managing twice the usual number of desktops per support engineer. Thanks to our advanced automations and operational efficiencies, we handle 500 desktops per engineer, compared to the standard 250. This scale enhances our ability to provide swift and effective resolutions, further minimising potential downtime.

Start transforming your IT management today. Take the first step by booking a free, no-obligation comprehensive IT audit with Socoro Digital and see how our fixed cost model can enhance your business continuity and productivity.

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Comprehensive IT Solutions: Empowering Your Business

Explore our tailored IT solutions that enhance security, streamline cloud services, and optimise collaboration.

Essential 8 Security

Comprehensive Cyber Protection - Implementing the Essential 8 strategies to enhance cybersecurity measures, offering robust protection against threats and vulnerabilities in your IT environment.

Cloud Migration and Management

Seamless Digital Transition - Facilitating a smooth migration to cloud services and providing ongoing management to optimise cloud infrastructure, improving scalability and operational efficiency.

Microsoft 365 Implementation and Management

Optimised Collaboration Tools - Expert deployment and continuous management of Microsoft 365, ensuring your team has the best tools for collaboration, productivity, and communication.

Unified Communications Design and Management

Better Connection, Better Teamwork - We set up and manage systems that help your team communicate more easily and effectively, both within the company and with outside contacts. This makes working together smoother and helps everyone get more done.

Outsourced IT Department

We handle all your tech needs just like an in-house IT department would, but from outside your company. This way, you can focus on your business without worrying about tech issues.

License Management

We manage all your software licenses to ensure everything is up-to-date, legally compliant, and cost-effective. We regularly review your licenses to make sure you're not paying for anything you don't need, preventing unnecessary increases in costs.

Hardware Management

We take care of all your tech equipment, ensuring everything operates smoothly and only suggesting replacements when truly necessary—not just to make a sale. This approach keeps your operations efficient without unnecessary expenses.

IT Strategy and Advice

We help you plan and make smart decisions about your technology to support your business goals, giving you expert advice every step of the way.

Socoro Managed IT Core Services

Managed IT Services

Network Management

Cost Efficiency

Infrastructure Management

Scalability and Flexibility

Security Services

End-user Systems Management

Cloud Services Management

Cloud Infrastructure Management

Cloud Optimization

Cloud Migration

Cloud Disaster Recovery

Cloud Security

Managed Cloud Services

Cybersecurity Services

Threat Intelligence and Monitoring

Endpoint Security

Vulnerability Management

Compliance and Risk Management

Incident Response and Forensics

Cybersecurity Training and Awareness

Invest in your uptime

Transparent Partnerships

At Socoro Digital, our fixed cost model drives our commitment to establish strong, transparent relationships with our clients. By providing full transparency and constant monitoring through our online “digital window,” we ensure you have 24/7 access to live data critical to your IT environment. This approach is designed to minimise potential downtime and issues, as addressing these efficiently is in our best interest to avoid additional costs under our One Cost Model. Our upfront and clear communication guarantees that you are always informed and in control.

Strategic and Proactive

Our expertise is your advantage. At Socoro Digital, we leverage our extensive IT knowledge to develop and execute strategic initiatives that keep your business IT environment robust and secure. By being proactive—especially under our fixed cost model—we aim to prevent issues before they occur, ensuring that maintaining your systems doesn't result in extra costs for us or disruptions for you. This approach not only protects your operations but also aligns with our goal to deliver IT solutions that truly add value and support your business objectives.

Dependable by Design

Reliability is the cornerstone of our service delivery at Socoro Digital. Our fixed cost model compels us to offer solutions that are not only efficient but also consistently dependable. With the full support of our experienced team, we ensure that your IT infrastructure is always functioning optimally. This reliability is crucial to us because any downtime can lead to increased costs on our part. Therefore, we are motivated to keep your systems running smoothly, providing you with peace of mind and the freedom to focus on growing your business.


Clients say

Glenn Kennedy


The Client Portal platform Socoro developed for us has been a game changer. The system provides unparalleled visibility and transparency that our clients appreciate deeply. This visibility, combined with real-time data analytics and customisable reporting, has empowered us to make quicker, more informed decisions, enhancing our operational agility and business optimisation.

Socoro Digital didn’t just provide a product; they equipped us with a strategic asset. The automation of numerous processes within our engineering department has been particularly transformative. By eliminating repetitive tasks, our team can now focus on higher-value activities, driving greater innovation and efficiency. The integration with our existing CRM and the strategic enhancement of our sales processes have also led to improved client retention and an increase in new business growth.

Partnering with Socoro Digital on this project has been one of the best decisions we've made.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is MFA and why do I need it?

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is an electronic authentication method that requires the user to provide two or more forms of identity verification before they are allowed access to a website, network, or application.

When implemented correctly, MFA can make it significantly more difficult for an adversary to steal legitimate credentials to facilitate further malicious activities on a network.

Due to its effectiveness, MFA is one of the Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) Essential Eight Strategies to Mitigate Cyber Security Incidents.

Why is having Security Awareness Training important for your business?

Today’s threat landscape is constantly evolving, and team security awareness training is a critical step in securing your business.

Security and data protection aren’t just a job for your Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) and Chief Product Officer (CPO); they’re everyone’s responsibility every day. The more informed about security threats and prevention your team is, the safer and more secure your data and critical IP is.

What is Essential Eight?

The Essential Eight is a series of baseline mitigation strategies taken from the Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) Essential Eight Strategies to Mitigate Cyber Security Incidents recommended for organisations.  Implementing these strategies as a minimum makes it much harder for adversaries to compromise systems.

How can Microsoft 365 benefit your business?

Microsoft 365 makes your business more cost-efficient: The new era of widespread remote work requires new methods of virtual collaboration and Microsoft 365's all-inclusive productivity suite is a cost-effective solution to accomplish that.

Microsoft 365 helps make employees more productive: Microsoft 365's cloud-based tools boost business productivity by helping remote employees collaborate, communicate, and work together more efficiently.

Microsoft 365 keeps company data more secure: Microsoft 365 comes with built-in security solutions preventing data leakage and help remote employees work more securely without hindering productivity.

Why should your business adopt the Microsoft Modern Workspace?

• Microsoft’s Modern Workplace offers a better employee experience for remote teams
• Microsoft’s Modern Workplace promotes more effective collaboration                
• Microsoft’s Modern Workplace automates time-consuming tasks          
• Microsoft’s Modern Workplace is scalable for remote teams          

Modern Workplace also facilitates automation with Microsoft Power Automate, which enables you to apply modern Robotic Process Automation  (RPA) across the enterprise. Automating repetitive tasks boosts productivity and gives employees more time to focus on innovation rather than administrative tasks. In conjunction with Power Apps, you can leverage a robust platform of connectors to enhance work. The challenge for organisations is how to empower their people while maintaining top-level security and efficiency. With help from Microsoft’s Modern Workplace solutions and Remote Systems Management (RSM), you can accomplish those goals. You can improve employee productivity and satisfaction and create seamless communication and collaboration while maintaining the security and integrity of your systems and data.Here are 4 reasons remote teams should go all in on Microsoft’s Modern Workplace.

Why should your business use Microsoft Teams Phone System?

The most significant benefit of using Microsoft Teams for your phone needs, is that it helps you unify your communications and productivity channels into a single solution. A further benefit of Microsoft Teams as the foundation for your phone system is that it’s a Cloud-based infrastructure. As with any Cloud-based service, one of the crucial benefits is the ability to access it from anywhere. Pricing for using a calling system with Microsoft Teams is relatively minimal. The pricing depends on the system you have set up and the level of Microsoft 365 license you’re using.